KINGESIS© – Confidence Choreography – £25

This 1-hour introductory class is designed to improve your body image, your mind-set, and assist you in reconnecting with your sensuality. This is a movement class, but you do not have to be a dancer to attend. It involves both verbal and physical exercises, including proven confidence-building techniques. You will be taught slow sensual moves to limber you up and introduce your body to a specific type of fluidity which is both positive and fun. This class is a great opportunity to learn self-acceptance and discover that there is NO shame in admiring oneself. Many of my students who have limited movement or have been struggling with menopausal symptoms (lack of libido, loss of confidence) have found Kingesis to be both enlightening and therapeutic. Expect the unexpected!

Please wear clothing that you can move comfortably in. Footwear can be whatever you desire – flats, heels or barefoot.


SENSUAL SENSATIONS – Exotic-Dance Class – £25

This is a 1-hour fun-filled, sexy dance class that will incorporate the sensual moves from my KINGESIS class, plus many more. You will learn a choreographed exotic-dance style routine, full of sass and sophistication.  Prepare to be giggling while we’re wiggling. There will be performance tricks and lots of tease.  You do not need to be a dancer to attend this class as you will be copying the moves and guided through the routine each step of the way.

You can wear whatever clothing makes you feel fabulous and also gives you freedom of movement. Comfortable shoes with a heel or dance shoes are advised.

Once you have paid, please drop us a line at so we can confirm your place and give you venue details.



GLAMOUR PUSS – Burlesque Teaser Workshop – £75

In this 2-hour workshop I will teach you: how to have stage presence, how to create your burlesque character/persona,  traditional burlesque moves including walks and poses, an introduction to props and how to incorporate them into a routine, and the all-important “TEASE” factor, whilst concentrating on enhancing your body image and your self-confidence. There is no striptease or nudity involved in this class.

Please wear a skirt or dress that gives you ease of movement and some shoes with heels.
For a fun, flirtatious, and fabulous experience, book now to become a Glamour Puss!


SEXPOWERMENT© – A female sexual empowerment experience

& THE SENSUAL JOURNEY© – A sensory awakening – £100

Once again, I am very excited to be teaming up with award-winning sex and relationship coach Rachael McCoy, to bring you a powerful workshop designed to heighten your senses and ignite your libido. After a chat and a warm-up, we will take you on “THE SENSUAL JOURNEY” where you will experience exercises that explore sensual aspects of sound, touch, taste, smell, and sight. SEXPOWERMENT intends to inform, inspire and relate to women in a fun and down-to-earth way. Rachael will give instructive practical demonstrations (using life-like moulds) of a variety of sexual techniques. You are bound to learn more about yourself whilst learning some sexy new skills that will empower you in every area of your life. This workshop is for all women who want to focus on both personal and sexual development.

To pay for one of both of these workshops, see below. There is a £25 discount when you book onto both of them.