The London Academy of Burlesque is proud to present this amazing workshop - ARISTOCRATIC EROTICISM with the sensational AGNETA LINCHEVSKAYA!

I am delighted to welcome Agneta Linchevskaya who is visiting us from Russia. She is a unique and exciting talent, both as a performer and a teacher.  Agneta created “Aristocratic Eroticism” movement to show women various ways to discover and accept ownership of their sensual selves. This concept inspires women to be both intelligent and sexually appealing. This is a whole philosophy balanced with practical use. She believes that the pure eroticism a woman can produce is beautiful and interesting.

During this 2-hour workshop Agneta will help you to: enhance your self-confidence, explore how to live in harmony with your body and your emotions, manifest natural eroticism, and feel free to be sexually attractive.
Agneta pays a lot of attention to the fact that a woman can be well-educated, intellectual, and also sexual with no need to hide as if it’s something inappropriate. She uses the word “aristocratic” to emphasize the style of eroticism and suggests it is never vulgar, but very sophisticated and powerful.

At her workshops Agneta uses methods of art-therapy based on acting, modelling, performing, and dance exercises. Her workshop not only provides useful life skills and techniques but is an inspiring adventure that every woman should experience. She is an empathetic and extremely generous teacher who loves sharing her knowledge and energy with her students.

The class will be held on Sunday 20th October in a North London studio from 4pm – 6pm .

It is £75 per person and there are ONLY 12 places available so don’t delay, you can pay via Paypal to or  If you prefer to arrange a bank transfer – please email us.  Please also send an email once you have paid, stating your full name and contact number and we will be in touch to confirm your place and give you further details.

Agneta is also a sought-after artiste who has headlined numerous cabaret shows, all over Europe.  Agneta combines intellectual erotica and charismatic immersive acting with a delicate touch of sophisticated provocation. Her energy, the way she moves, and her striking appearance, mesmerises and impresses audiences world-wide.