Expert bespoke tuition with the UK’s leading burlesque/striptease teacher and choreographer – British Burlesque Legend, Jo King.

If you have been longing to learn the art of burlesque or want to master a sexy striptease and want to connect with your sensual feminine confidence, this is the PERFECT opportunity!

Whether you are a complete beginner and/or a professional performer, Jo King can help you to make your ideas, desires, and dreams a reality. Please email for prices and more information.

Jo King teaching international burlesque star Miss Polly Rae

“I met Jo in 2006 when I attended an open day burlesque class of hers. One hour with ‘Mama Jojo’ and I was hooked; hooked on burlesque and hooked on her!! Her energy, charm, and charisma absolutely blew me away. She has a wonderful way of teaching which is informative, fun and really helps you let go of your inhibitions. It was then and there that I decided to make burlesque my career.

Jo worked very closely with me on my Hurly Burly show consulting, guiding and choreographing some of our routines and many of my striptease performances including my very first solo striptease. Jo played a massive hand in formulating my career but not only that; she has been a huge influence on myself as a person. She helped me grow some balls!

That is what makes her special. Not only is she a gifted teacher but she is also a mentor. Jo can bring out the confidence in a person with the lowest self-esteem, can turn a negative body image into a positive body image and can bring out the sex kitten in anyone willing to try!! And that is why she deserves the title ‘LEGEND’!

Thank you for changing my life, Mama. I would not be here without you.

All my love Polly xxx aka Miss Polly Rae”

Jo King will expertly tailor your class to suit your personal abilities and requirements. Do you want to learn the fascinating art of burlesque or an exotic dance or an elegantly enticing striptease? Whatever your reasons for taking this class, Jo’s teaching skills are so profound that you will leave her joyful and nurturing care with more body confidence, an improved self-image, some seriously sexy moves and a greater appreciation of your feminine powers. Jo King was Gok Wanning before Gok Wanned!

“I think that it makes perfect sense to go and be reminded of what you are and what you are capable of. In the same way that people go to law school to learn the skills associated with being a lawyer, or medical school to be a doctor or even to the beach to be a surfer, one can go to Jo King and learn how to be a woman. And in these days when so much focus is placed on succeeding, the gentle grace of womanliness gets pushed aside in the race to go the top. Jo takes you to the top, a place reached by simply reconnecting to your true self. She is a great teacher. And paying for one of her classes is the best present I have ever given myself.” Laura F.

Whether you want to learn some sensual dance moves, master a classic sexy striptease or have an original burlesque act created especially for you; this is the perfect class. You can also add one or more of the following performance elements: prop work e.g. gloves, boa, fans, hat etc, a stocking-peel, tassel twirling or chair-work. Once you decide what you would like to learn, Jo will discuss it with you in more detail and then structure your lesson accordingly.

“Hi Jo, Just to let you know that the striptease for my husband went wonderfully – you were right, he was totally bowled over! All he managed to say was “again”, and so I did…Thank you so much, it is something we will both enjoy indefinitely! ” Sarah (40-something lawyer)

These classes are for all women, from complete beginners who have no dance experience to professional performers who want to improve and add to their repertoire.

“Jo, What a great, lovely time I had last Friday! I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt to start working on an act and what fun I had going through steps and ideas with you. You are just so lovely and supportive! I was on a complete high after I left and the feeling has stayed with me for the whole weekend. I wish I could do this EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!! You are brilliant and I love you!!! Yours sexily” Gabriella

“Hello Jo, A huge thank you for our one to one class. Almost a week later and I am still walking around with the same feeling that I had after having sex for the first time. (You know, the feeling that everyone else can somehow tell what you’ve been up to.) What a thrill! I honestly think every woman owes it to herself to meet you. It was extremely empowering. If I had to list the top 5 most influential women in my life you would be right up there. Good luck with all that you do and thank you again for what you have given me.” Clare x

Jo has taught many celebrities on a 1 to 1 basis, including; TV presenter Dawn O’Porter (pictured left), Model and actress Agyness Deyn, singer and actress Javine Hylton and burlesque showgirl and author Immodesty Blaize, among many others.

Simply hundreds of present day burlesque performers have been able to develop and hone their style, techniques and stage presence, thanks to Jo’s expertise and guidance. Here are just a few of the fabulous performers she has taught some of her skills to, over the years; Immodesty Blaize, Honey Lulu, Trixee Sparkle, Miss Polly Rae, Kiki Kaboom, The Folly Mixtures, Domino Barbeau, Diva Hollywood, Kimmy Von Shimmy, Sapphira, Legs Malone, La Beti, Luna Rosa, Ivy Paige and Bettsie Bon Bon.
Now it’s your turn to be a star!
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