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A private lesson tailored to your personal requirements.


YES! A sensational saving of £150 on a 1-2-1 booking.


Your 1-2-1 class can be taken anytime within 3 months of booking (subject to availability).

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Please Note: As this is a Special Offer there are no refunds applicable for cancellations, however, you can transfer your booking to someone else, as long as we are informed at least 48 hours beforehand.

Whether you want to learn traditional burlesque, have a sultry striptease created for you, or discover more about yourself through an inspirational experience; this is the perfect opportunity! No dance experience required.

Treat yourself or a loved one to private tuition with internationally acclaimed burlesque/striptease teacher, choreographer and confidence coach, Jo King.

I don’t think that there is another person that I would recommend more highly than Jo King. I came away from my private lesson feeling not only unbelievably fabulous but for what felt like the first time, like the woman I had always wanted to be – sexy, powerful (without losing my femininity) and free. I think that it makes perfect sense to go and be reminded of what you are and what you are capable of. In the same way that people go to law school to learn the skills associated with being a lawyer, or medical school to be a doctor or even to the beach to be a surfer, one can go to Jo King and learn how to be a woman. And in these days when so much focus is placed on succeeding, the gentle grace of womanliness gets pushed aside in the race to get to the top. Jo takes you to the top, a place reached by simply reconnecting to your true self. She is a great teacher and paying for one of her classes is the best present I have ever given myself.”
Laura – Solicitor (50 years young)

Whatever your reasons for taking this class, many of Jo’s glamorous “tricks of the trade” are specifically designed to give you better body awareness, some seriously sexy moves and a greater appreciation of your sensual, feminine powers!

Dear Jo, It has been an honour to be your student; you give far more than a class, you give women the gift of themselves. You have given me my sensuality, sexuality, permission, and freedom to express myself. You take away the blinkers that many women carry of repression, shame, and judgement and you have them open their eyes to the amazing, beautiful woman that is waiting to burst out of each of us. I totally recommend Jo King’s classes – you will walk out feeling fabulous and all woman! Thank you, Jo, you are changing the world one woman at a time!”

Fiona – Personal Coach and mother

Jo can also teach you how to incorporate one or more of the following: prop work, stocking-peel, tassel twirling, chair-work or any personal skill/talent such as singing, contortion, ballet etc. Whatever you desire, she will tailor your class to suit your personal abilities and requirements.

“The incredible fortune of having lessons with Jo King is that all of a sudden you are in touch with a woman who’s got incredible knowledge and humanity, bound together. Her lessons are empowering, funny, energizing and months later, I still feel her nurturing effects going on in my life. It wasn’t just how to learn to strip or to walk in a sexy way. It was how to do it in my own way, while having her by my side, always focused with care on my steps. The word “sensuality” is such a vast field and it can really involve so many nuances, so many ways of being. That’s why I call Jo the “Shaman of Sensuality” because you spend a little time with her and she knows what you need to work on and what to let go of.Because that’s the thing, this amazing lady knows how to help you to reach your own sensuality.  She just unlocks it so easily, and this gift is going to stay with you forever. Monica Nappo Kelly – Actress

Jo has taught and choreographed countless professional burlesque performers, including Cabaret Stars; Miss Polly Rae, Ivy Paige, Bettsie Bon Bon, The Folly Mixtures, and Miss Glory Pearl. Current British burlesque performers; Evelyn Carnate, Felicity Furore, Brazen Bijoux, Velvet Jones, Athena Beauvoir, Kimmy Von Shimmy, Fey Au Lait, and Pearl Grey PLUS International showgirls -Immodesty Blaize, Miss Honey Lulu, Legs Malone, Domino Barbeau, and Sophia St. Villier – to name just a few.

These classes are for every woman, so take advantage of this fantastic offer, now!