Jo King is a delight to work with. She ran the UK’s largest Burlesque Jam for us in the Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall where she taught a combination of basic burlesque dance moves and confidence building techniques to over 200 women. Jo’s passion, enthusiasm and professionalism mean that every event is a success.

Tamsin Ace
Participation Programmer (Dance & Performance)
Southbank Centre

Jo King choreographed the opening routine for my critically acclaimed show ‘Immodesty Blaize and the Adventures of Walter’.  An otherwise technically difficult performance to achieve was transformed into a sequence that appeared artful and effortless to the audience.  Jo pushed me to achieve the absolute best out of the piece, with meticulous attention to detail. She really is a pleasure to work with.

IMMODESTY BLAIZE  x – International showgirl

“I first met Jo King in 2006 when I attended an open day burlesque class of hers. One hour with ‘Mama Jojo’ and I was hooked; hooked on burlesque and hooked on her!! Her energy, charm and charisma absolutely blew me away. She has a wonderful way of teaching which is informative, fun and really helps you let go of your inhibitions. It was then and there that I decided to make burlesque my career.

Jo worked very closely with me on my Hurly Burly show consulting, guiding and choreographing some of our troupe routines and many of my early solo striptease acts. Jo played a massive hand in formulating my career but not only that; she has been a huge influence on me personally, too. That is what makes her special. Not only is she a gifted teacher but she is also a mentor. Jo can bring out the confidence in a person with the lowest self-esteem, can turn a negative body image into a positive body image and can bring out the sex kitten in anyone willing to try!! And that is why she deserves the title ‘LEGEND’!

Thank you for changing my life Mama. I would not be here without you.

All my love

Polly  xxx – Miss Polly Rae, International Cabaret Star

I had the incredible pleasure of working with Jo King when I directed a BBC3 programme that dealt with people who suffered from confidence issues. Jo taught five nurses, in a ludicrously small amount of time, to do a burlesque striptease show in front of a live audience in Soho.

Jo King was, simply put, an inspiration. Not only the contributors I was filming but also the entire TV crew were soon under her spell and generally feeling better about their bodies and their attitudes towards their ‘imperfections’ within minutes. Jo is clearly a woman who oozes confidence and sex appeal but the real talent she has is to make you believe that you too can be like this. To teach well, very few can do. To teach a group of women with confidence issues is truly an art!

Jo is a consummate professional and is one of the funniest, wittiest and warmest women I have had the joy of working with. If you need someone to shake things up, make you laugh, make you like yourself and learn how to perform a burlesque striptease at the same time, then Jo King is unrivalled.

Zoe Page

When I decided that I wanted to try my hand at becoming a burlesque performer, I decided to go to the best - and the best is Jo King! From the moment I walked through the door, I knew I was in good hands. Jo has this amazing ability to make every woman feel beautiful and sexy.
Jo has also helped me choreograph my acts and as a result, I came runner-up for London’s best solo burlesque performer at the London burlesque festival. Above all, Jo has made me feel great about myself, both as a performer and personally. Thank you, Jo King!
Ruby Martin aka Emerald Fontaine

Jo King is the most delicious lady on the planet! I entered her Burlesque Buzz course unsure of myself, my body and my direction. I left transformed, my head held high and with tears of laughter streaming down my face. What she had achieved with all her pupils in just two hours was remarkable and showed what an extraordinary lady she is.  Her infectious laughter and superior teaching skills had allowed us to find our smiles again, both inside and out. Fourteen months later and the world has never been sparklier! I perform as Ginger Blush and was crowned Best UK Burlesque Newcomer 2010.  Jo is a wonderful person, an amazing teacher and a true inspiration.

Thank you, Jo.   You have changed my life! Thanks to you, my future’s bright, my futures burlesque!
Emma Cooper aka Ginger Blush

When I booked Jo to appear at our W.I. meeting it was with slight trepidation. I needn’t had worried – when she walked through the door she was greeted with huge applause and I knew then it was going to be a great night. For many of the women at the meeting, they knew nothing of her, yet she was greeted with such rapture. Why? Because Jo has what many people aspire to and some mistakenly think they have; she has charisma and old-fashioned star quality – in bucket loads.

Jo could talk about anything and have her audience transfixed. She is a natural comic and has that rare ability to find humour in some of life’s most difficult situations. But the strongest message that comes across when you hear Jo speak is that she loves people, especially womankind, and she loves life. Her passionate belief in women is infectious and for that short time in her gaze, you really start to believe that you are the strong, beautiful, sexy and confident creature that she makes you feel.

I looked around the room in amusement. Women who had barely uttered a word throughout our previous meetings were laughing out loud as they ‘bumped’ and gyrated with the rest, not a trace of self-consciousness evident

Through Jo, Finchley W.I. had discovered its personality – we all wanted to have fun, to rediscover our self-belief lost through years of motherhood and corporate life, and to support each other without passing judgement.

The downside to booking Jo? She’s a tough act to follow!

Sara Hitner– President Women’s Institute Finchley Branch

“My self-confidence, as a woman and as a disabled woman, has soared since attending Jo’s courses. I feel so much more comfortable about my body, how I move and how sexy I can be. Jo makes every woman feel like a goddess!

Her enthusiasm is infectious, her words so wise and her laugh so wicked! She works hard to make her classes accessible for every woman – whoever they are. She’s taught me that whatever you look like, whatever size or shape you are, you have the ability to be sexy.  Every woman should have the chance to work with Jo King! Having done two courses with her, I’m now evangelical about what she does and how she does it.”

Liz Carr
Actress, Comedienne and Burlesque performer.

I trained with Jo King on her famous,  fabulous, gloriously enjoyable Burlesque Buzz course.  After a year or so, I became a full-time burlesque and cabaret performer with an international career, and a wealth of possibility and opportunity in front of me.

Not only did Jo equip me with the tools to create the monster that is Kiki Kaboom, her input, support, advice and direction has been instrumental to my achievements. I have come to her for private tuition with a hunk of old metal, she polishes it, and I leave with burlesque gold! Simply put, if you want choreography and technique from the best in the business, you MUST go to Jo.

Without her, my life would not be what it is now: hugely satisfying, financially precarious, wish-fulfilling, exhausting, creative, unexpected and joyful. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I owe her everything.

Kiki Kaboom